Monday, May 04, 2015

Same old Sex?

Same old, same old...SEX?
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...I've reviewed three erotica anthologies in the past few months, published by well-known houses, full of tales by well-known authors... They all used the same sentence structures, the same imagery, the same tone, as a million other stories I'd read before.
--Bored with Erotica
The key phrase here is:
"They all used the same sentence structures, the same imagery, the same tone..."

That is definitely the sign of authors using only Erotic Literature and porn movies for inspiration. That can make for extremely DRY and Repetitive stories because both Erotic Lit and porn movies have the same Tone, use the same types of Characters, and happen in the same Settings.

The cold hard truth is: 
SEX is an extremely simple and repetitive action
and anything repetitive gets Boring.

So, if you wanna jazz up your Sex--

WHERE sex happens,
WHY sex happens, and
WHO wants to have it.

So, how do you do that? 

The easiest way is by--
Add Sex to another Genre at a 50/50 ratio.
50% genre-specific Story and 50% Sex.
  • Romantic Erotica: "I love you! Let's f*ck!"
  • Glam Erotica: "He was rich, she was famous, they f*cked."
  • Mystery Erotica: "Who f*cked them?"
  • Crime Erotica: "Oh my god! Someone's been f*cked!"
  • Suspense Erotica: "Oh no! I'm going to be f*cked!"
  • Humor / Satire Erotica: "You call that f*cking?"
  • Sci-Fi Erotica: "They f*cked where no one has f*cked before!"
  • Horror Erotica: "Oh my God! It's f*cking me!"
  • Fantasy Erotica: "They f*cked and it was Magic!"
  • Paranormal Erotica: "What the hell am I f*cking?"
  • Fetish Erotica: "Mmmm-mmm f*ck! Mmm-mmmm!" (Ball gag.)
  • Literary Erotica: "They came together in a glorious explosion of glittering climax. The roses painted on the battered wallpaper of their silent room watched them in the approaching twilight, a reminder of how fragile pleasure is..."

Another way to do this is through--


1) Change WHERE Sex Happens:
Pick an exotic Location or Time period.
  • Deep Space, 
  • A Forgotten Temple, 
  • An Egyptian Pyramid, 
  • The Wild West, 
  • The Regency period, 
  • The Middle Ages, 
  • A Tattoo Parlor... 
  • Anyplace that ISN'T a bedroom. 

Don't be afraid to use a favorite movie for visual references, but make damned sure you change all the place names and don't use anything that's easily recognizable -- such as a 'light-saber'.

2) Change WHY Sex Happens:
Love and physical attraction are common reasons for sex, but they're not the only ones. Sex can be used:
  • To learn a secret
  • To stop a transformation or induce a transformation
  • Out of pity or gratitude
  • To comfort someone
  • To express anger
  • As a form of control
  • As a form of worship
  • In reaction to a life-threatening experience
  • To relieve boredom
  • To generate physical warmth when cold

In short, sex can happen for pretty much any reason at all. All you need is a half-way decent EXCUSE.


1) Change the WHO wants to have Sex:

Pick two favorite characters from two vastly different movies or TV shows and put them in bed together. Just make damned sure you change their names!

Not Original enough for you?

That's fine because the truth is; Nothing is Original.
Everything is a REMIX.

To quote my friend The Gray Mouser:
"Originality is merely the Arte of Concealing Your Sources."

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