Monday, December 06, 2004

Vampires & Souls

One of the most accurate portrayals of Vampires as hungry ghosts is the movie, Strigoi. It was filmed on location in Romania where some of the oldest legends of vampires come from.

"You Are what you Eat."
Contrary to traditional belief,
the Vampire Does have a soul.

Of Souls and Ghosts

The soul is the electrical / magnetic field that animates every living thing.

Ghosts are the "impression" of that life-energy field left behind. Things and places become haunted by the "used to be living" the same way metal objects become magnetized around powerful magnets.

To destroy a ghost, all you have to do it Touch it. The energy field (aura) that life generates is enough to literally burn it away. A living person and Sunlight diffuses ghosts the same way that a the magnetic pad on a cashier's counter diffuses the magnetic charge of a floppy disc or a credit card that is left on top of it. (The pad is specifically for diffusing the magnetic charge of door alarm devices.) The energy level of a simple ghost is so low that it's literally washed out, fried - short circuited - by the stronger energy field.

The Original vampire was a Ghost.

Traditional vampires did the invisibility thing, the drifting in the mist thing, and the walking through walls thing just like any other ghost. Ghosts can't bee seen in mirrors - because they are not really there. A vampire was defined as a particularly aggressive ghost that stole life (the soul) from the living - fed on the living - to continue its existence.

Well, to Get to the soul (the animatory life-force) in order to eat it, you have to get into the container of a living body. Any physical opening would do, the mouth, the ears, etc... A soul could be stolen with a kiss - or sex.

Shamen take a full body bath before they do ritual and talk to the spirits. It isn't just to clean negative vibes, it's to magically CLOSE and armor the body's openings to keep from becoming possessed. A Magician / Wizard / Witch that was Unclean - physically dirty - had skipped his Magical Bath, and was very likely Possessed. Filth to many cultures is still a sign of insanity, (in-sanitary?) And insanity was originally considered a form of Possession.

The Haunted Corpse

To break into the container of a living body to get to the soul - a ghost needs a physical presence - a body. The same way a ghost picks up objects and tosses them across the room - telekinesis - a vampire animates its corpse, so it can get to the soul residing in the blood.

A powerful enough witch can MAKE a vampire rise by using a part of their own soul to animate a corpse. Manufactured vampires - risen corpses - are more commonly known as Golems, Zombies or Ghouls.

What is the deal with Blood?

Blood is simply the easiest - and nastiest - way to get a part of the soul. Stoker said it in his writings: "The blood is the life." This is in fact from the ancient Greek. What they were actually saying was that Blood was the vehicle for life, the Carrier of the soul.

Three days is the Life (Unlife?) Cycle
of the vampire.

Traditionally, it takes three days for a soul to leave a body. A Vampire takes three days to rise because the ghost has to wait for the original soul to leave - so it can move in. A vampire traditionally has to feed - replace the soul/energy he stole - every three days. It takes three days to recover from a vampire attack – if they aren’t killed outright, because it also takes three day for the soul to heal in a living being.

Under the right conditions, Blood lives for three days. Ask any doctor.

A Vampire has no Heart?

A vampire has no physical heart - because its body isn't alive. It’s a ghost-haunted animated Corpse.

The speed healing in a vampire – isn’t healing. It’s remanufacture of the corpse it animates by telekinetically picking up the dirt around them and stuffing it into the ‘wounds’. After a long enough period of time, the vampire’s body completely rots away until the vampire is completely made of Dirt – and Blood.

There are reams of legends that talk about the fact that vampires smell like dirt and blood. This makes perfect sense if the creature involved is MADE of dirt and blood.

A Vampire cannot Love?

The heart was traditionally the seat of human emotion.

No Physical Heart = No Capacity to Love.

It doesn't mean vampires can't love, it was simply assumed that you needed a heart TO love. (The Tin-Man anyone?)

What's with the Vampire's Grave Dirt?

The ground a vampire was buried in, Remembers what the vampire looks like. (DNA anyone?) A vampire that does not have access to his grave will eventually warp out of shape.

Vampires cannot cross Water?

No matter what the vampire is housed in --flesh or dirt-- he is still a being of energy. Water short-circuits electrical / magnetic fields faster than anything else. Not to mention that water will wash away or melt a creature made of dust very, very fast. (Wicked Witch of the West anyone?) 

In Conclusion

The traditional vampire is not soulless, it’s soul-full. It’s just that the soul they are full of isn’t theirs.

Morgan Hawke

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