Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Birthday Present from Dakota Cassidy!

From Dakota Cassidy!
(posted with permission)
Hookay, so I've known Morgan from AK's list. She cracked me up and she was warm and welcoming to me. We finally met at RT 2006 and we've been buds since. She's this wee little thing with red hair and a mean set of hips. I know, cuz she belly danced for me on the dance floor at RT.
She helped me plot a book that was just out recently and I don't care if she doesn't want the credit--she did too help. LOL. She also helped me a bit with some BDSM aspects in another book too.
In essence, she's da’bomb and she knows how to play. She's outrageously risqué, funny, a plotting genius, a friend who will talk me down from a ledge for hours on the phone and I love her. Morgan is good to the soul kind’a people and as much as she wants her own success, she wants her friends too and that's what makes Morgan a genuine, rare gift in this dog-eat-dog world of publishing and I'm ever grateful I found her.
This one's for you, babe :)

Morgan’s Birthday Present
Red of hair
A petite firecracker
Morgan Hawk
No writing slacker
(Oooh, I was worried I wouldn't be able to rhyme firecracker--good, huh? LOL)
Floggers, leather
Bondage delights
kick ass and funny
responds to my plight
(I'm telling you, I e-mail her and whine and she calls me up. She's like my therapist now. LOL)
Sex that virtually smokes
Plots that engage
Refreshing and open
Has no qualms about society's gauge
(I don't mean she doesn't have manners. I just mean she doesn't care what anyone says if it's mean and it's about ME. She likes me anyway LMAO)
Sci-fi, demons
Brilliantly done
Writes a helluva a book
And then some
A good friend to me
When I'm in plot hell
Uplifting and inspiring
As my friend she sells
To you, my friend
Loyal and true
May life always be kind
Always a hoot
On this your birthday
I wish you some Tex-mex
(I don't know if she likes Tex-mex, but it works in the poem. So go with me, okay? LOL)
And then, for inspiration
Some wicked, hot sex
(See? I always come through...LOL)
Happy Birthday, dear friend
My wish for you
Many more years of happiness
With us in your crew

Happy Birthday, doll!!
Love and kisses,
Dakota :)

Isn’t she just the coolest Ever? Wow…(Sniff… Whaaaaaaaaaa!)
Morgan Hawke
(Still looking for the tissues…)


  1. LOL what a GREAT Friend! (and a Happy Birthday from your fans!)

  2. Thank you Witchy!
    - Dakota is a wonderful lady -- and she writes really good stories too!


  3. I agree with it all! Very nice Dakota!

  4. That was so sweet...and true!
    Happy (belated) Birthday Morgan!