Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Nature of EVIL

The Nature of EVIL
From my own personal experience, true evil is passionless. It doesn't target anything in particular, it simply poisons anything that gets too close to it, like radioactive waste -- and exactly the same way as radioactive waste, it irradiates, infects, warps, then eats everything within range.

Evil can soak into a person, a place, or an inanimate object. It can be carried on the wind. 

However, true evil is not Conscious -- until it infects a living mind, then it IS conscious. People give it purpose, motive, and direction.

On its own, evil simply infects, twists, then destroys whatever it's near in the ugliest, most emotionally devastating way possible because that's where evil breeds --on the emotional plane-- of any living thing.
Evil can be Manufactured, just like radioactive waste.

The most effective factories for the creation of Evil are living beings. Misery, hate, and despair breed evil the way rotting flesh breeds maggots, infection, and disease.

Beware of gifts from those you Know don't like you.

Highly concentrated hate can be focused and directed into objects, like a photo or a wedding ring. Money is always tainted by the despair of those who never have enough. That's more than enough to allow evil to fester.

Evil only needs a spark to become a forest fire.

A seed of misery in a person can spark into full-blown evil when it comes in contact with an object such as a desk, or a wedding ring that's already poisoned by a few drops of misery. The sounds of true despair can spark evil in someone that overhears it.

An object infected by evil must be destroyed, and it always takes fire to get it all.

Evil in a person will Rot their body, their spirit, and their mind. According to Dr. Wilhelm Reich, one of the fathers of modern psychology, despair, and self-loathing actually cause cancer. Evil, like cancer, is very, very difficult to remove. There is always some form of amputation involved; mind, body and/or soul.

Have I ever seen true Evil?

Yes. I've seen trees in so much physical pain; its misery poisoned the house sitting under it, and the people living in the house. (The family moved, the tree was taken down, and the house bulldozed.)

I've dealt with a wedding ring so poisonous that simply sitting there unnoticed in someone's house was enough to cause violence to erupt between loving spouses. (The ring was in a kitchen cabinet in an apartment they had just moved in to.)

I have been to homes so saturated with evil that in one case, I threw up on the front lawn. (There was no way in hell I was going to step over that house's threshold.) The whole family was cancerous with it. The infection had bled over into the neighbor's houses as well.

A walk through a prison was enough to see evil in action infecting the inmates and the guards.

Don't ask me to go to some zoos.

True, honest Happiness is the only defense against evil.

Evil comes from Life, just as Goodness does. Goodness comes from Happiness as evil comes from misery. (I'm of the opinion that childhood's Santa Claus is the patron saint of Goodness, but that's just me.) Like Evil, Goodness carries a vibration that permeates whatever comes in contact with it: a person, a place or a thing. Goodness can be carried on the wind.

Morgan Hawke

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