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Interview with RomanceNovelTips.com

Interview with Morgan Hawke


1. What made you decide to write Erotica?

Well, I like sex, I had several years experience in the Adult Industry so I had plenty of experience to write from, and I love writing. 

S+Exp+W = Author

However, the main push toward writing Erotica, and Erotic Romance in particular, was that there was so little respect or care for any book labeled 'Erotic.' Back when I first started posting stories; years before Erotic Romance had been invented, Erotica was known for having the absolute worst writing out there. Poor plots, poor characterization, poor description, poor everything – and this stuff was Published!

I wanted to fix that. I wanted to prove that Erotica could be written with as much care, research, and respect as a sci-fi or a mystery novel. Truthfully, this very motive is what propelled me into writing Erotic Romance.

2. Would you ever write for Harlequin/Mills & Boon?

Hell No! They have the absolute worse reputation for screwing their authors in the publishing industry.

Would I write that type of novel?

 If the publishing house was NOT Harlequin/Mills & Boon, or Dorchester, and they offered me the right kind of money to do it?

Absolutely. I'm a mercenary author; I write what pays the bills. At the moment, Erotic Romance is the most lucrative and fastest paying genre out there.

3. What is the one piece of advice you would give aspiring Erotica / Romantica Erotic Romance writers?

Before you consider plot, character, or setting, learn to write in Chronological Order, the order in which things actually happen --> Action THEN Reaction.

The fastest way to do this is by dropping the word "as" from your vocabulary. If you see the word "As" in your sentence, nine times out of ten, you've written the line Backwards. The events are written in the Reverse of what actually happened.

The vampire drank his fill AS he crouched over his victim. < -- WRONG!
Which really happened first?
The vampire drank his fill.
The vampire crouched over his victim.
Obviously, the vampire had to crouch before he could drink his fill, therefore...
The vampire crouched over his victim AND drank his fill. < -- RIGHT!
If you want a full explanation, go here:
Read that.

4. Do you think that Sci-Fi elements in erotica enhances sales or would the books sell just as well if set in a present day earth?

I follow Azimov's rule of Science-Fiction:
"If you can remove the Science from the Fiction and still have a viable story in another genre, you did it WRONG."
However, doing it Wrong doesn’t mean it won’t get published. It just means you missed the point of the genre. Just for the record, I’m firmly of the opinion that if you’re going to do something, do it RIGHT. Why? Because if you do it Wrong, and someone else does it Right, guess who’s gonna grab all the readers?

5. What is your favorite book you have written and why?

Truthfully, I don't have a favorite, not yet anyway. Sooner or later, I'll write a world I want to keep coming back to, but that hasn't happened just yet.

6. Who is your favorite character you have created?

I don't have a favorite, not yet anyway. Each character; hero, heroine, villain, ally... was created to make that particular story happen. Unlike many writers, I come up with the plot first then craft my characters to make that story happen

7. What are the top three characteristics every Heroine should have?

First of all, when you're writing a Romance or an Erotic Romance, you should never forget that the Main Character is an Avatar for the Reader. Because of this, one should always make the Main Character someone the reader would like to be. With this in mind, I craft my characters to have these three characteristics:
  • An Emotional Flaw
  • A Physical Limitation
  • A professional-level skill
The first two are the literal, "two strikes against them," and the last is the hidden key to their success in the story.

8. Do you believe in avoiding Mary-Sue's in writing romantica Erotic Romance?

Yes and No. I believe that the author should avoid creating OBVIOUS Mary-Sues; they look, act, and talk like the author only Better! Or worse, a character that is Too Good To Be True.

Give the character some major personality flaws and it won't matter if it is a Sue or not. American readers in particular adore underdog characters, the one who keeps trying in spite of the fact that they can't seem to win. Perfect people, on the other hand, are their favorite targets to bash out of sheer Envy.

9. Where do you find inspiration for your stories ?

EVERYWHERE. Everything I see, everything I do, everything I experience becomes food for thought in my stories.

10. If you could write one book in the mainstream fiction sector, what would it be about?

LOL! It depends on the publisher, literally. I never write a book without knowing exactly who I plan to send it to. I believe in reading a publisher's Submission Guidelines FIRST then crafting the story to be exactly what that publisher is looking for. It's the fastest -- and easiest -- way to guarantee that a publisher will take a manuscript.

Morgan Hawke
March 22, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Online Erotic Plot Generators

Just for fun!
 Erotic Plot Generators
Temporarily down while my website is being updated! 

Looking for a quick and painless way to get ideas for Erotic stories or Yaoi stories? Have I got the toys for you! One click and there you go!

Example of results:
As an apology, a socially inept yet sincere actress put on a strap-on and ass-fucked a submissive police detective in a narrow stall of a public toilet. This resulted in a business proposition.

After catching the peeper red-handed--literally and figuratively, a naive and unsuspecting actress made tender love to a vivacious, red-haired erotica author in a high class hotel overlooking the bay. This resulted in the discovery of a hidden fetish.

Wearing only a towel, a dominant delivery girl called in some friends and had an orgy with a submissive college student in a seedy hotel in the bowels of the city. This resulted in a very sincere apology.

And for those interested in Boy on Boy erotic stories...?

Example of results:
Having fallen hopelessly in Love, a petite, fair and delicate teacher had anal sex with an eccentric martial artist in the VIP room of a night club. This resulted in the loss of his underwear.

Wearing only a towel, a vivacious, red-haired private detective was fucked by an attractive mail man in a seedy hotel in the bowels of the city. This resulted in the annulment of a debt.

Caught masturbating, a submissive graffiti artist ass-fucked a friendly college professor in front of the fireplace of a Victorian mansion. This resulted in an invitation to live together.

The Java code is from Seventh Sanctum, but rest is all mine. Feel free to use any of the ideas generated for your own stories.