Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Pecular Popularity of sparkly vampires, Pokemon, and other fairy-tale Lovers.

The Peculiar Popularity of sparkly vampires, Pokemon, and other fairy-tale Lovers.

I think I finally figured out why teenagers and housewives loooove the young adult vampire series "Twilight" so damned much. Well, to begin with, it was written as a Young Adult novel with blatant teenage (read: immature and childish,) views on Love.

The teenage view of love...?

It's ROMANCE with all the hearts, flowers, angst, and over-the-top statements of eternal devotion that one finds in the most popular of fairy tales -- and romance novels.

Specifically, a handsome and powerful man that sees her as the most beautiful girl in the world ('Cinderella',) who will do anything and everything to win -- and keep -- her love ('Princess on a Glass Hill'.) Add to this mix the Bad Boy image; the Monster who loves only Her and will tear apart any foe simply to see her smile, and you have the world's most beloved fairy tale -- and the blue-print for the only romance novels that actually sell: 'Beauty and the Beast'.

In short, the teenage view of love is a rot-gut fantasy that contains no resemblance to the reality of love what so ever. As in, birth control, morning breath, and hoping he calls you later for an actual date rather than just a quickie after work.

Where does 'Pokemon' come in? 
Hmm, a story whose central theme is about adorable little monsters that love only their trainer, and who will attack anyone said trainer asks them to on command? Even I can see the appeal, but beyond that, can you say Pre-Teen 'Beauty and the Beast' for girls -- and boys
Still not seeing the connection? Think: pet. A Pokemon is a magical Pet completely devoted to their 'owner'.

Now, consider this: 
When one fantasizes about love, one thinks in terms of:
  • One who loves YOU -- no matter what. 
  • One who will do whatever it takes to make you happy -- no matter what. 
  • One who stays at your side at all times simply waiting for you to speak and/or command them -- no matter what. 
  • One who is so sexually attractive, powerful, clever, etc.... that You are the envy of all who see them because they are the BEST.
See it now?

The fantasy of love says: lover = a visually attractive, adoring pet who will always come to our rescue, fetch us anything we want, and forgive all transgressions, including extreme selfishness.

*snort* Not even my childhood collie-shepherd dog was that devoted to me. Let me tell you, when danger reared its ugly head she was gone like a shot.

Anyway, I'm sure it's pretty easy to understand why teenagers adore the fantasy of love that is 'Twilight'. Teenagers who've never fallen in love simply don't know any better, but why housewives? Housewives do know better, right?

Yes, the average housewife knows the reality of love very well indeed. They know quite intimately that love isn't when someone falls in love with them. It's when they they do. It's the awful reality of finding oneself helplessly devoted to someone else's happiness whether that person actually deserves it or not  -- often at the cost of their personal hopes and dreams.

That doesn't mean they Like it.

the reality of love doesn't mean that they don't wish with every fiber of their being that the fantasy was true and the reality a lie -- while washing dishes and changing dirty diapers at top speed, so they can get the kids to the daycare/school fast enough to get to their job on time.

Which would you prefer, seriously?
  • The fantasy of romantic love with someone utterly fantastic eternally devoted to only you?
  • The harsh reality of love where You are the one eternally devoted to someone rather ordinary that may not even love you back? 
Now you know why sparkly vampires and other fairy-tale lovers are so very popular -- especially with those who know the reality better than anyone else.

Keep in mind, women aren't the only ones with unrealistic fantasies about love. There are plenty of fantasies for guys about lover-pets out there too, but most call that porn or hentai.

At least, in my opinion.
-- Your mileage may vary.
Morgan Hawke


  1. It's selfish. The appeal I think, is the selfishness of lust. Real love is hard! That's what I like to read/write about. :P But eh I liked Twilight AND Beauty and the Beast. A little fantasy never killed anyone... that I'm aware of. XD;;; But you're one smart cookie! ;)

    (Sorry evil typos...)

  2. You're right, it IS selfish -- and therein lies the appeal.

    Hi sweety. *smooch*