Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Online Erotic Plot Generators

Just for fun!
 Erotic Plot Generators
Temporarily down while my website is being updated! 

Looking for a quick and painless way to get ideas for Erotic stories or Yaoi stories? Have I got the toys for you! One click and there you go!

Example of results:
As an apology, a socially inept yet sincere actress put on a strap-on and ass-fucked a submissive police detective in a narrow stall of a public toilet. This resulted in a business proposition.

After catching the peeper red-handed--literally and figuratively, a naive and unsuspecting actress made tender love to a vivacious, red-haired erotica author in a high class hotel overlooking the bay. This resulted in the discovery of a hidden fetish.

Wearing only a towel, a dominant delivery girl called in some friends and had an orgy with a submissive college student in a seedy hotel in the bowels of the city. This resulted in a very sincere apology.

And for those interested in Boy on Boy erotic stories...?

Example of results:
Having fallen hopelessly in Love, a petite, fair and delicate teacher had anal sex with an eccentric martial artist in the VIP room of a night club. This resulted in the loss of his underwear.

Wearing only a towel, a vivacious, red-haired private detective was fucked by an attractive mail man in a seedy hotel in the bowels of the city. This resulted in the annulment of a debt.

Caught masturbating, a submissive graffiti artist ass-fucked a friendly college professor in front of the fireplace of a Victorian mansion. This resulted in an invitation to live together.

The Java code is from Seventh Sanctum, but rest is all mine. Feel free to use any of the ideas generated for your own stories.



  1. Something is wrong with the links.

    1. Sorry about that.
      -- I'm still in the process of rebuilding my website. As soon as I have new links, I'll update the blog.

      If you're still looking for story ideas, try this:

      The Erotic Story Generator:

      It's a free download, and not virused.
      -- I created it after playing way too much with these tiny story generators. I wanted something just a bit more comprehensive. :)