Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Torrey & the Vampire

Hello my lovelies,
 -- This is the very first Visual Novel that I made myself!

Torrey & the Vampire
-- An Erotic Kinetic Novella --
Story & Graphics by Morgan Hawke
Powered by Ren'Py

Story: When Torrey's best friend insists that the gorgeous guy living in the upscale mansion is a Vampire, she simply had to go see for herself.
Content Warning: Ages 18+ for Soft-core Images and Explicit Text.
This is NOT yaoi!
A Visual (kinetic) Novel is a Story in the format of a Game. In other words, this is a Program that you download, install, and Play.

However, because this is a program --with an .exe file-- it may set off some peoples' virus protection. It's NOT a virus. (I coded the darned thing myself using the RenPy system. 

Download from MediaFire - 70mb
or Internet Archive
Windows ~Linux ~ Mac
(Extract/unzip file. Inside folder, click on the .exe icon to begin game.)

Screen Shots:

The Vampire:



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  1. Awesome - looks great! Thanks for the present!

  2. Hey Melody,
    -- Thank you! Tell me what you think of it once you play it!

  3. Great story, as always ^-^.

    One thing to fix on your linux installation instructions: users should double click on the .sh file (Torrey & the In some distros, a dialog box will then pop up and the user will have to click on the "run" button. Most linux users will know this, but some people who have netbooks might not.

    When I first saw this post I didn't bother to download it because exe doesn't work on linux! Luckily I came back and did :) You might want to look at the Mac instructions too... I know Macs won't run exe either.

  4. Oh dear me! 4shared doesn't work for me - keeps redirecting me to download some Greenday .mp3 file instead.
    Any chance of a mediafire upload?