Sunday, February 20, 2005

MARKET NEWS – Vampires have flooded the market.

Too many Vampires - Not enough GOTHIC!
I just spoke with my agent this afternoon, and Roberta reports that she counted no less than 22 vampire titles (by different authors) on the bookshelves. WAY too many Mainstream vampires!
The word from the publishing houses my agent works with, is that NY is easing off on their vampires – unless you write EROTIC ADVENTURE. Apparently there are more than enough mainstream romantic Vamps out there, but a serious shortage of them in Erotica.

Modern EROTIC Gothics are HOT!
MARKET NEWS –If you want to write Gothic Erotica, now is the time to do it! According to Roberta, NY is actively looking for Modern Adventure Gothics and well-written, tightly-plotted Gothic Erotica.

Penguin Putnum
, Berkley, Kennsington, and St. Martins Press are all jumping on the eBook bandwagon and actively looking for novel-length (80-100k) Gothic Erotic Romance, preferably contemporary though exotic settings with the characters that lean toward the darker emotions - without quite falling over.

Not just Vampires! ~ They are actively on the look-out for the full spectrum of traditional Gothic Adventure with a modern twist - magic, curses, wizards, witches, ghosts, werewolves, demons, urban faery...and HOT ADVENTURE.

Dark Characters
Ladies, they are asking for Dark Heroes with pain in their hearts and fire in their eyes. They are looking for Villainous Outcasts that overcome their darker natures to become Heroes.

No TSTL (Too-Stupid-to-Live) Heroines! It takes a Kick-Ass and savvy Heroine with a dash of sarcastic and biting humor to stand toe to toe with her dark and brooding hero. This girl means business! She knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it.

Their foe? The Undercover Villain in a three-piece suit that walks among the boardrooms of power. A truly heroic personage - gone very, very bad. Take every text-book hero you can think of and twist those heroic characteristics into blood-thirsty dementia. The new villain is the Perfectly Reasonable Madman.

Dark Plots...

They Don’t want to be able to tell how the story will end in the third chapter. They want a twist, a Reversal right in the middle of the story. They want the plot to suddenly kick into high gear in Act Two, and whisk the H/H into extreme danger that takes the two of them working together to climb back out of. They want real Adventures!

Exotic Lands...

They want, Old Europe and mysterious islands. Enough with the stories that happen in one ordinary American city. They are asking for European palazzos, glittering courts, car chases through the Autobahn, mountains, forests, castles, villas, cities that reek of age yet glitter with modern glass.

Role Reversal!

Take your favorite Gothic Villain and make them the Hero. Take your favorite swash-buckling Hero and make them the Heroine, then add Corporate Villainy of a Sorcerous nature.

They are asking for Lara Croft to come banging on Count Dracula’s castle door demanding that he use his expertise to assist her with a small innocuous problem. A problem that lands them both in very hot water and takes the two of them working together to get out of.

They want a Lady Indiana Jones barging into Dr. Frankenstein’s offices to help her deal with the Umbrella Corporation’s (Resident Evil) latest drug threat.

They want a Lady James Bond blackmailing sorcerer Aleister Crowley into helping her deal with someone raising ghosts to assassinate political figures.

Hot Sex...
No closing the doors this time ladies, they want to see it all in graphic and loving detail! Be as adventurous in your sex as you are in the plot. There are more positions than missionary and more places to have erotic encounters than among bedsheets.

However, while the chastity belt is definitely coming off, Kink is not yet completely accepted. Silk scarves and a few pats on the bottom, even handcuffs, are perfectly acceptable, as long as it's tastefully done and all parties are having a good time.

~ CONSENT is Mandatory!
~ Willing participants only! Seduction is okay, but Consent must be granted before full intimacy can happen.

~ Exclusive couples!
~ Once the H/H get intimate, they remain EXCLUSIVE!

Happily Ever After?
Damn Straight! You get them into a mess - you get them out of that mess and make them happy to be together!

In Short: Swash-buckling Heroines and Gothic Heroes dealing with Modern yet Magical Threats. Ladies, they have made it very plain that they are actively looking for Gothic Erotic High Adventures – and they want them ASAP!

Looks like I have some serious blocking to do!

Morgan Hawke


  1. sounds pretty much like what I write... save for the erotica part, though :) well unless they just want a few hot scenes.

  2. Damn, Morgan! I'm just about to get started on a contemporary erotica novel that I've been waiting to write (slightly dark with bdsm, and a stalker) but it's not gothic, and after reading your post all I want is to jump in with both feet. . . but into a NEW story!! Not the one I planned. LOL

    It could just be the picture too..*drool* Where do you find those??

  3. You rock Morgan! Thanks for the info.

  4. It's about time erotic romance gets rocked 'coz it's been in a rut for a long time.

  5. Oh dear. Exclusive?

    Can it be an exclusive threesome? With one bowing out near the end? Will mistresses do? Will one scene where said mistresses is forced into the evil hands of villain and tortured work?

    Help--before I get too far into what I'm doing. I can change the "black moment."


  6. Hey Pat,

    -----Original Message-----
    “Oh dear. Exclusive?”

    - EXCLUSIVE = the only people the Hero & the Heroine have sex with – on stage – is Each Other. You can hint at past relationships, or even hint at a current lover, but you may NOT show the Heroine having Full Intercourse with anyone other than the Hero.

    “Can it be an exclusive threesome? With one bowing out near the end?”

    - Absolutely, you may indeed have an exclusive threesome, and Why Should “one bow out” in the end? If they are all in love with each other, wouldn’t the one that walked away be suffering -- ‘love lost’? Why would you want to make one of your main characters suffer an UnHappy Ending? My hottest selling books right now are all exclusive threesomes – three people all in love with each other, who STAY that way.

    “Will mistresses do?”

    - Would Mistresses do for what? A main Character? A Secondary character?

    “Will one scene where said mistress is forced into the evil hands of villain and tortured work?”

    - When you are writing any kind of Women’s Fiction, Sexual Torture is Always a BAD IDEA. In a nation (the USA) where 75 women are Raped every hour – ANYTHING that even hints at Hate Sex, is a Bad Idea! (BDSM does not count as its merely advanced sex play -- not to really hurt someone.)

    If you really want to write a rape scene, by all means be my guest, but be sure to write it as Horror Fiction – not Erotic Romance – because that’s what Rape is: HORROR. Rape breaks the body, mind and spirit. How could it be anything Other than HORROR?

    What you CAN do is Begin the Torture scene and have some INTERRUPT it before it goes too far. This will keep your scene intact, and your villain villainous, without traumatizing fully half your readers -- who have been raped, or know someone who has.

    "Help--before I get too far into what I'm doing. I can change the 'black moment.'"

    - A story's 'Black Moment' is the EMOTIONAL crash that happens to the Main POV Character. If the scariest moment in the story Isn't happening to your Main POV character, then it isn't your Black Moment.


  7. Morgan,

    Since I've just recently discovered this, is this sort of erotic romance still selling? This sort of thing is right up my alley and I wouldn't mind hopping on the bandwagon but I noticed that the post was from way back in 2005 so I know things could have changed.


  8. " this sort of erotic romance still selling?"

    - Only vampires have flooded the market. The REST of the Gothic genre is wide open and most definitely selling.

  9. Hiya Morgan! I've been reading through all your blog articles over the past week or so and just wanted to tell you how MUCH I've enjoyed them! Very easy to read, humorous, and EXTREMELY useful. I've learned a LOT...and had fun doing it. Thank you. :)

    And I also want to say...holy sh*t! My jaw literally dropped when I clicked the link for this article and saw my guy's gorgeous blue ass staring back at me. LOL!! That really made my day! *grins* I made him for the cover of a very short story I wrote several years ago...the very first piece of erotic writing I'd ever done. :)

    Anyhoo...please keep writing these wonderful articles. They are VERY much appreciated! :)


  10. Neyjour!
    - What an honor....! You are THE most inspiring artist EVER, (for me anyway.)

    I'm so glad you found my articles helpful! If there's anything I can assist you with, PLEASE let me know.

  11. Hey Morgan, thanks so much for the kind offer! I really appreciate it. :) And thank you so much for the compliment...I've never had anyone tell me that my work inspires them. I can't even begin to say how wonderful it was to read that! I actually teared up. Yes, seriously! Heh! :P *hugs*


  12. Neyjour,
    -- You know, if you ever want to collaborate on an illustrated story, I have an ebook publisher that would publish it and I'd be willing to split my royalties 50/50.

    In case you'd like to know if it's worth the money, I haven't needed a day job in four years.

    If you want to talk more privately, I can be reached at: morganhawke (at) gmail (dot) com