Thursday, January 13, 2005

Stocking the Writer's IMAGINATION

 What’s in Your Imagination?

Your imagination is a pond that you fish your ideas from. Like any fishing pond, what you catch depends on what you’ve stocked your pond with – and how much you put in there.

The more you add to your pond ~
The richer and more creative your Stock.

The wider the range of information and experiences you toss in your imagination, the wider the range of ideas you will come up with.
  • Adding books and movies – will generate fun and interesting situations.
  • Adding research – will add ACCURACY. 
  • Adding emotional experiences – will add DEPTH. 
  • Adding physical experiences – will add REALISM. 

  • Someone that has stocked their writing pond with only Grammar – will write perfect prose where nothing happens.
  • Someone who has only Literature in their pond will only pull long-winded literary ideas.
  • Someone with a mental pond full of comic books and adventure movies will have short, but action-packed completely fantasy-based ideas.
  • Someone with TV shows and office experience will come up with Chick Lit.
  • Someone with fairy-tales and mythology will have fantasy ideas.
  • Someone with loads of Romance novels and soap operas will develop dialogue-heavy overly-emotional romances that have little or nothing to do with real love.

For the best and most creative results from your imagination, throw in EVERYTHING that catches your attention, from Saturday morning cartoons to the latest romance, to newspaper articles.

And - Do things! See things! Experience things!

Hunting for the WHOPPER

Never EVER Rush an idea! 

If you try to make a meal (a project) out of a half-grown idea, you will only end up with a half-serving of what could have been something much bigger, juicier, and tastier!

If it’s too small to use – toss it back!

Every good fisherman knows to throw back the little ones, so they can grow up big into Whoppers that are worth catching later. The same goes for Ideas - throw back the small ideas so they can grow up to become Big Ideas. The only way to catch Whoppers is to let your ideas swim around in your pond until they grow up to be Whoppers.

Fish Responsibly!

If you fish for only the occasional idea, your little ideas have time to BREED creatively until they overflow the pond, leaping right out into your hand – and onto your keyboard.

If you fish a lot, you will have to restock your pond Frequently

A Dry Pond = Writer’s Block

The Care and FEEDING
of the Imagination.

Your imagination needs food and rest like every other part of your body.

Rest for an imagination = PLAY. Anything that entertains the mind, video games, cartoons, movies, books...etc. is Play. All work and no Play = BORING FICTION.

Feeding an imagination for heavily stocked with growing ideas calls for plenty of CHUM.

"What the heck is Chum?!"

CHUM is chopped up fish, so chum for an imagination is chopped up bits of ideas from everywhere. Everything you do, everything you see, everything you read, everything you experience is Grade A -Food For Thought!- CHUM!

"But...isn't that stealing?"

Incoming RANT!
You Can't STEAL An IDEA!

Stealing text is plagiarism, but stealing Ideas is a Physical IMPOSSIBILITY. Seeing a cool idea and tossing it into your imagination is GOOD for your imagination. New ideas add color, breadth, flavor and texture to what’s already there.

"But! But! But...!"

Every writer is different, with different things swimming around in their imaginations. You can give eight writers the exact same idea –and even let them see each other’s ideas– and each of them will still come up with something Totally Different. Case in point...

  • Brahm Stoker 
  • Vampire Hunter D series
  • White Wolf games
  • Angela Knight
  • Christine Feehan
  • Charlaine Harris
  • Laurell K Hamilton
  • Jim Butcher

Need I say more?
Be Good to Yourself.

Keep your Imagination stocked - and fed - with interesting new things and you will always have fresh New and interesting ideas swimming around just waiting to be caught!

The wider the range of information and experiences you toss in to your imagination, the richer the fiction you will serve.

Morgan Hawke

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