Friday, January 07, 2005

Personal Fulfillment ~ As a Writer

I have certain Needs in order to Write...

Top Priotities: Djarum BLACK clove cigarettes, coffee, (with real sugar & real cream), chocolate, music, PEACE.
I HAVE to have cigarettes, I HAVE to have coffee, I HAVE to have the right soundtrack playing for whatever story I happen to be writing... Chocolate? Think about it: I write SEX and I'm a girl! Chocolate keeps, in the right mood. Oh WTF -- HORNY! And I HAVE to be LEFT ALONE.
Without any one of these necessities, writing stops -- cold. Food is optional, sleep is optional, TV is optional -- telephone access and power are not.
People wonder why I am so prolific.
It's because there are no disturbances in my life to interrupt the flow of words or inspiration.
I live ALONE.
Divorced the husband 11 years ago. I am, however, in a very intimate ménage relationship with my computer and my coffee machine. I've never been happier in my life.
I don't get upset anymore. Ever.
I don't have to share the bathroom. I don't have to share the BED. I don't have to stop what ever I'm doing to go help someone find Their clothes in Their dresser. I don't have to cook unless "I" am hungry. (I love my microwave.) I don't have to wash clothes or dishes that I didn't dirty. I can stay up as late as I want, or sleep as late as I want. I watch what I want on TV when I want to watch it, and play my music LOUD whenever I'm in the mood. I can run around the house nekkid when ever I feel like it, or stay in my nightie and bathrobe for days on end.
When I don't want to be disturbed during a three-day writing jag, I turn off the IM.
If I need a little excitement, I can make a phone-call - and the boyfriends leave when I am done, or open a fresh pack of batteries for my BOB, (Battery Operated Boyfriend.) Side note - BOBs work better for Erotica inspiration sessions than live folks. You don't have to Talk to them. (grin).
Best of all -- I don't have to worry about anyone else spending My Money.
Do I want to share my life with a Significant Other?
No, thank you.
Been there, done that.
Won't make that mistake again.
Men are dandy, just like candy, when savored -- as a treat.
Too much candy, sours the randy -- like any other sweet.
I like being a single authoress of Quality SMUT. I get to go to Conventions alone and hit on any guy I fancy -- without shame. On top of that, I actually know what to do once I hop in the sack! Want the dirty details? Read my fiction.
Sorry guys, I don't do Married men. EVER. I don't believe poaching or broken hearts. (When dealing with married men, it's always MY heart that gets broken. No thank you!)
Because I am so undisturbed -- and happy -- I am prolific.
Prolific enough that I can afford to live on my book royalties. If I had a DH (Darling Husband) I would not be able to live on the money I make as a writer. I would HAVE to have a SDJ. (Sucky Day Job.)

Morgan Hawke


  1. Here's my list :)

    Diet Pepsi
    Earl Grey Tea
    Jasmine Green Tea
    Milk chocolate -- no nuts, raisins, anything, 100% pure chocolate
    Spices [for rice]
    and yes, Peace

    and I can live on that diet and write...

  2. That sounds like a perfectly reasonable diet to me!

  3. oh, that, and dreams of pizza *grin*

  4. i always come back here when i have a question about any form of writing/ideas lack of them , What to do with said ideas. always imformative and concise. Thank you

  5. I'm not one of your groupies. I don't need advice. Just stopped by the site and got a kick out of why you like living alone and the B.O.B. LOL

    Yeah...I've got my B.O.G. LOL

  6. I have groupies?
    -- How cool is THAT!?

  7. This may not be the place. I'm not good with computers-being of quite a different generatrion. I was looking through the site to find a place to leave a fan letter and this is as close as I could get. I have greatly admired your stories for the heat factor, but beyond that, for the tortured dance you do with dichotomies...both with the characters-especially female protags and your plotlines. It is the searing edge of pleasure/pain, despair/triumph, self determination/external determination, destraught/redeemer, opulance/squalor, youth/maturity, selfish/alturistic, comforter/tormentor, etc that ups the friction and increases the heat. Not to mention gives us heroines to admire, heroines that help us/me heal.

    I did my thesis on the split-good/evil-images of women from the stone age to the present. Of course in ancient times the dichotomies were parts of a whole with goddesses possesing both constructive and destructiive characteristics. In the middle ages the traits were spit into the Virgin-yes that virgin- and the witch. Your writing, it seems to me, gives us back heroines that are whole rather than fragmented. It is their wholeness and your own outspoken claiming of the whole for yourself that I beleive generates the sparkes and flames in your novels-well that and eloqent writing. I see Erica Jong of my generation concurs. Her Fear of Flying set me off on my research years ago.

    If this is the wrong place to post this, I apologize. If this is going to end up in some computerized dustbin, I'm sorrowful. Just wanted to say thanks for your sharp edged, complex heroines and your writing attitude.

  8. Hey DGomez,
    -- There is no wrong place on my blog to put such a wonderful letter. Thank you, seriously.

    Your generation isn't that far away from mine. When I was born, Kennedy was still alive and President. I'm just Really well preserved.

    I'm so glad someone finally spotted exactly how I built my heroines, and my heroes -- and my villains. They are ALL Duel-Natured because ALL human beings at their simplest are duel-natured. At their most complex they are a dichotomy of complete opposites.

    I've read Erica Jong, her 'Witches' in fact. That was the book that triggered a deep self-examination of what I was verses what I was being told I should be. That was the book that made me decide to Be Myself, instead of what the media wanted me to be. That was the book that set me free.

    So many people say: "Wow! What a great story, but did you have to have sex in it?"

    YES I had to have sex in it. Sex is the main motivator for just about every human ambition there is. Once someone has had even the smallest taste of physical pleasure, every person out there becomes completely focused on it. Either they're trying to get it -- or trying to escape it. Only children focus on something else -- affection.

    If one is going to write a story involving Adults, one is going to have to deal with SEX. Only completely immature adults who connect sex to Fear and/or Guilt, will avoid it.

    Sex is a biological urge just like the need to go to the potty, (something else one almost never sees in fiction.) That makes sex VITAL -- and forbidden territory. Have you noticed that most biological urges are forbidden, except Eating?

    The instant you make something forbidden you add GUILT to the mix, forcing a Duality in a psyche.

    Virgin - No Sex.
    Witch - ALL sex.

    I LIKE sex. I see no shame in enjoying pleasure, but then I'm a witch, so I guess that's to be expected. (grin)

    Thank you so much for seeing what was really going on my stories.

    I would dearly love to see your report -- once you've gotten it back from your professor. I'm absolutely sure I would enjoy it immensely.

  9. I have to be at Starbucks. Not a coffeehouse, STARBUCKS. I have to have a house cup of Tazo Berry Blossom White Tea. I have to have my iPod tuned to high volume sexual rock and roll (pounding, hard rhythm and suggestive lyrics. Luckily, I can walk to the Starbucks where I live now (which will change soon) and the drink is only $1.91 and I get unlimited refills. I don't need food. I don't need quiet. I don't even need ideas. I just have be there. I cannot write or edit anywhere else! I've become spoiled.