Sunday, December 05, 2004

My Secret Erotica Plotlines

Art by Frank Frazetta

"If you can take the Sex out of Erotica
and still have a viable story
-- you did it WRONG."
- Edo Von Belkom - Writing Erotica

In any form of Erotic Fiction the SEX has to forward the plot – and to forward the plot, you need Dramatic Tension. If all the dramatic tension comes from somewhere OTHER than the sex, then the sex isn’t necessary to tell the story. If the sex isn’t necessary to tell the story, it doesn’t belong in the story.

What is EROTICA?

Too many people seem to think that Erotica is any story with Sex in it. This is FAR from the Truth. A story with sex in it may be Erotic – but it is not Erotica. Erotica is not defined by how much sex you have in the story – but where you put the sex.

    • An EROTIC Story has Sexual Events in it.
    • EROTICA is a story where the PLOT changes Because of Sexual Events.
    • EROTIC ROMANCE is a story where the PLOT changes Because of Sexual Events that map the progress of a Love Relationship during an Adventure.

      In the average vampire story, the vampire’s NEED for blood is the linchpin for the entire plot. Whether or not he succeeds in getting that blood from the other characters rules every major turning point in the plot.

        • If the vampire has sex - then the story is Erotic.
        • If the vampire has to Have Sex in order to drink the blood he needs, then the story becomes Erotica.
        • If the vampire has to Have Sex in order to drink the blood he needs, and falls in love with his donor, AND has bad guys to deal with to protect his new love, then the story becomes Erotic Romance.

          My Secret Erotica Plotlines

          In Erotica the basic plot is always the same:
          "They NEED to have Sex 
          and they'll do Anything to get it!"

          However - there are many Genre Variations:
            • Romantic Erotica: "I love you! Let's f*ck!"
            • Glam Erotica: "He was rich, she was famous - they f*cked."
            • Mystery Erotica: "Oh my god! Someone's been f*cked!"
            • Crime Erotica: "They'll never know that it was I that f*cked her!"
            • Suspense Erotica: "Oh no! I'm going to be f*cked!"
            • Humor / Satire Erotica: "You call that f*cking?"
            • Sci-Fi Erotica: "They f*cked where no one has f*cked before!"
            • Horror Erotica: "Oh my God! It's f*cking me!"
            • Fantasy Erotica: "They f*cked - and it was Magic!"
            • Paranormal Erotica: "What the hell am I f*cking?"
            • Fetish Erotica: "Mmmm-mmm f*ck! Mmm-mmmm!" (Ball gag.)
            • Literary Erotica: "They came together in a glorious explosion of glittering climax. The roses painted on the battered wallpaper of their silent room watched them in the approaching twilight, a reminder of how fragile pleasure is..."

              Honestly, an Erotica plot really IS that simple.
              The easiest way to plot an Erotica Story is to decide on what you want for your climactic sex scene – then build a story and characters around it to make it VITAL for that scene to happen. You couldn't possibly write anything Other than Erotica.

              Morgan Hawke
              "Monster? I get that a lot..." - Alucard of Hellsing

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