Sunday, December 05, 2004

How to Break Into PRINT

The trick to getting into print
is the same for eBooks as it is for NY:

Write a book that is Popular.

The difference between ePublishers and the NY publishers is that ePubs will publish you and Wait until you Are popular. Once you pass a certain number of e-Copies sold (proving that you're popular) you go to print.

NY publishes based on whether or not -you- as an established author (or your chosen genre) are Already popular. Some NY houses will take a new author if a genre is doing well and they have a slot open in That Genre.

LUCK and an open Slot are your ticket to ride in the NY publishing industry -- not skill or talent. (Though it doesn't hurt to have both.)

Critical acclaim
has little or nothing to do with Sales.

Popularity among the BUYERS
is what counts.

In the ebook market, if you score high with the reviewers but don't sell the "buy quota" you Don't go to print. If the reviewers think you stank but you sold hard and fast, you Do go to print.

Reviews are a way to get readers - who visit that review site - to KNOW that your book is available and somebody liked it. Reviews are a Marketing tool - not a sign of success or failure. Books Sold is the sign of success. Even a crappy review can get you "Is is Really that bad?" buyers.

What reviews do for you - the author - is clue you in as to why it was liked - so you can do it again.

These comments are from my reviews for: "House Of Shadows"
  • " ... an energized tale of adventure, which keeps the reader on the edge of their seat."
  • "The suspense and danger are balanced exceedingly well with (the) relationship, which is explosive."
  • "There is never a boring moment..."
  • "The strength in the characters matches the strength of (the author's) words..."
  • " It combined all the elements of the story perfectly..."
Now you know what I did RIGHT.

It all boils down to:
Write a book that everyone wants to read.

Here's the kicker: No one knows from one book to the next what the readers will find popular. The market changes That Fast.

Good grammar is not enough.
The key ingredient is: IMAGINATION.

It's not What you are writing about-- 
it's what you DO with what you are writing about.

In ePublishing, Erotic Romance is the niche of success, especially Erotic Fantasy Romance. It doesn't seem to matter what sub-genre of erotic fantasy, as long as it's Romantic, Erotic and has a Fantasy element: dark, light, scary, paranormal, magical, sci-fi... Any erotic book with a fantasy element from historical to contemporary to futuristic, seems to be very popular sellers--at the moment. Kinky is doing very well too, as long as it's ROMANTIC.
Whatever you choose to write, just remember--it had better be GOOD.

ePublishing has Matured - and so have the Buyers.
~ Erotic Romance ~
NOT for Beginners any more.

You can't just slap any old dirty story together and expect it to sell. If you want someone to BUY it, you better have written something worth Reading if you expect someone to pay for it. 

If you expect to make money in the Erotic Romance industry, you had better write a story that scorches the pages, moves the heart and fascinates the imagination. And you had better do it well, because competition for sales is FIERCE. Professional-level writing skills and creative talent have become prime factors in both sales and critical acclaim.

The ePublishers have become choosey as to who they will publish because the Buyers have become choosey as to who they will spend their money on. They want Skilled writing, Hot Sex and a tightly plotted Story--and there are enough talented authors out there that deliver just that.

There are some Very, VERY good authors writing Erotic Romance. So good in fact, that NY is grabbing for them: Angela Knight, Jaid Black, Mary Janice Davidson, and Me too.

If you can write at their skill level, and can compete with their creativity, then you stand a chance of making a tidy profit in Erotic Romance. All that's left is gathering their popularity.

PR doesn’t do diddly-squat for sales.

Posting announcement after announcement, after announcement, after announcement,...etc, will NOT get you buyers ~ it gets you BITCHING: "Quit Spamming me!"

Seriously Hot, Well-written, Erotic Romance
Sells Itself.

Put juicy excerpts on your website, post juicy excerpts on readers' email lists and, put excerpts in your release announcements – THAT sells books.

EXCERPTS Sell books.

Why do excerpts work so well? Because Sex --like Food-- is a physical need. Erotica is a snack that feeds the physical need for sex. Excerpts show the readers a taste of what you have to offer and this builds an appetite for more.

All the best marketing ploys for erotica operate under the same philosophy: 
“Make them HUNGRY.”

Morgan Hawke

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